The Original Italian Country Furniture

To draw a profile of Nieri Country Collection (formerly Les Cousins) is necessary to review what has allowed the creation of a unique and inimitable collection that you may call Rustic, Provencal, Shabby Chic or Country, if you prefer.
The most important prerequisite is a love for craftsmanship and for things and made with the heart that create a value sofa that reaches its fullest expression where it meets the enthusiasm and the ability enjoy beautiful things which remind us of the “ true old Home " as it once really was.
Second, we must mention the technical skills to play and go through with solid shapes and patterns inspired by the archetypes handed down from master craftsmen who, with their perseverance and their artistic ability have given us the opportunity to live surrounded by incredible beauties. In a Nieri Country sofa wood joins the fabric in harmony and exclusivity as to create a masterpiece for a house where a particular 'flavor' of classicism is required. Finally, and most important: the passion to offer endless creative possibilities dedicated to the homes of those who want new performances, new furniture in key with current lifestyles but also with a touch of a noble past.
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